Microtasking Speech

Microtasking Speech: How To Make 50 cents in 5 Minutes

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Eric Kleist



How To Make 50 cents in 5 Minutes Demonstration Speech


I. Short on cash? Wish you could make some extra money in your free time? (SLIDE 1)

II. Today im going to show you a simple and effective way to turn every 5 minute period into an extra 50 cents. (SLIDE 2)

III. Only $6/hour, not something your going to quit your job or school for. But if you have an extra 30 minutes… Why not make a few bucks?

IV. Consider this for a second…. TV time – TV Time Stat. A.C. Nielson & Co Study says that av. American watches 4 hours of tv per day = $24/day $500/month

VI. So today my goal is to not just tell you about what you can be doing to make some extra cash, but show you how to do it. So lets get started…


I. What is microtasking? (SLIDE 3)

A. Benefits of Microtasking for extra $$

B. Demo One MW Job Completed: Microworkers.com (SLIDE 46)

C. Money Making Potential(SLIDE 7-8)

1. Great way to earn money

2. Alternatives to Microworkers (SLIDE 9)


I. So as I covered, besides making some extra cash, you’ll be improving your computer and internet skills. (SLIDE 10)

III. So next time you find yourself with nothing to do, or get bored watching tv, start making cents out of your minutes with Microtasking!

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